Who am I?

A 24-year-old business student from Finland, crazy about travelling & meeting new people – and taking photos is pretty cool and therapeutical as well.

I hope to inspire others to see the world, to stop and truly appreciate the beauty around us. Because of that I’ll be posting some of my favourite photos I’ve taken over the years. I might also write a short story or two every once in a while, depending on what it is that I find inspiring at the time. Please find some additional information on the Beginning of the journey post.

I’ve been to quite a few countries so far as we travelled by motorcycles around Europe when I was young. I have lived in New Zealand for some years, done backpacking in Asia and now I’m studying in England. Hoping to travel to South America next, summer 2018 if I get enough money by then… Macchu Picchu is one of my dream destinations!

Hopefully the blog will inspire and entertain you, would love to get feedback and ideas on what to write about 🙂 For any inquiries, please contact me at hanlaura (at) outlook.com



PS: for more business related writing, interviews and inspirational stuff etc. please check out my other site Young & Successful that was launched in October 2015 as a part of a University project.


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