Stunning Switzerland (and roadtripping the nearby countries on a MINI of all cars)

If you have ever been to the Alps, you know there is something magical about the place. There is this strange pull to it that does not let go of you no matter the years apart, and if lucky, you suddenly find yourself at the same serpentine roads that mesmerized you a decade earlier. It is like nothing had changed.


It all started from a random joke of mine. And thanks to the spontaneous nature of my boyfriend, this joke soon turned into booking flights, a mini with a map (and gps just in case my map-reading skills were no longer up-to-standard), and a 950km road trip around Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany and France. 5 action-packed days with lots of driving, getting lost, near accidents, enjoying breathtaking views and yummy foods and stupid jokes and overall, an amazing spring break!


Firstly, the mountains.

Early April is a terrible time to visit a Switzerland on a road trip as most Alpine crossings are closed, so we decided to take a train up to Kleine Scheidegg (2061m /6762 ft).

There is this certain feeling of freedom you get when standing of top of a mountain and glancing down, seeing the way the sun reflects off the snow and clouds that surround you. It is rare to just stop and enjoy the moment nowadays; standing still and taking it all in.

Like feeling the breeze of the wind, the way its coolness tickles your face and the freezing temperatures making your toes and fingers feel stiff as you stand on those snowy slopes. A gentle shade of pink creeps up your cheeks, you shiver yet smile, and think of all those happy childhood days of running around the snow with not a hint of worry. I think being on a mountain, or by the vast sea, or immersed in nature in general allows you to experience these moments of silence, reflection, relaxation.


What a cliche it is to say it is like standing on top of a world, but then again isn’t this the perfect caption? At those altitudes simple everyday problems seems pretty insignificant when you cannot even point out houses down the valley, much less any people.

IMG_20170403_132916_977Secondly, the lakes were absolutely stunning.

It is easy to understand why this is a great destination for a relaxing summer holiday – especially near Luzern.





Thirdly, the architecture.

This little village of Appenzell was beyond adorable.


And lastly, this hidden spot behind a church in Bern was my favourite. We walked past at the perfect moment to see these shadows. Wow.