The perfect Food Day with Streat Helsinki EATS

Most of the stuff I love is somehow connected to good food. And today was no exception – the Streat Helsinki EATS is finally here!

Two days filled with amazing street food, 200 something different meals to choose from, what an awesome event to break the long wait between the ever-so-popular Restaurant Days.

I was all excited about food in general – and my aim was to try out at least two new things. There were thousands of people everywhere and the lines for the food trucks and stalls were pretty long so we walked around for a bit. So difficult to choose what to eat when everything looks fabulous!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the frog legs and champagne couscous, but the always-so-yummy falafels, sweet potato chips and saffron bread with hummus etc was simply amazing. €10 well spent!

The sun was shining, but with the freezing wind eating outside wasn’t that pleasant. The streets were filled with people and everyone was in a good mood despite the cold – it was great to see people smile after the long dark winter!

And what would a great food day be like without some serious desserts! Off to all you can eat cake at KakkuGalleria – wow. With fifteen-something cakes and pastries to choose from (and a warm cup of tea), and great group of friends of course, the day couldn’t have been better! After six delicious pieces of cake it was time to head home accompanied by a sugar-high of the year. Definitely recommend that place for anyone with a sweet tooth!

PS: Sugar crash sucks. But all in all, I had an awesome day!

Time for an elk or mushroom burger – and hopefully the frog legs – tomorrow, or maybe something even more exotic. I guess I can say I love food 🙂


Student Life in Helsinki – “Hell yes”

As I don’t -yet- have the funds to travel as often I’d like, I figured making the most of living in Helsinki is the second best thing. Or to be honest at times life here is even better than abroad, because I’ve got good friends around.

Food and art festivals, flea market shopping, hanging out in the park. Girls’ nights out and dinner parties and movie dates, not to mention the countless student events.

It’s great to feel like I’ve finally found the place where I belong

A great aspect of the uni/polytechnic student life in Finland are the overalls! You put on those over-sized, patch-filled bright creations and you are free to do whatever. Mostly it´s something alcohol-related, bar hopping or picnics – but in wintertime why not join a couple of thousand other students and go sliding down a hill or have a snow fight and sip hot chocolate with a hint of mint liquor…

The best thing is that you are one of the group, you get to share some amazing times with fellow students and easily make lots of new friends. It’s even better than I had imagined.

"Metropolia - a great place to study and make friends"

“Metropolia – a great place to study and make friends”

I made risotto ❤

Being a student and living with a low budget doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get to enjoy some amazing food. There are the Pop-up Restaurant Days, student discount meals, not to forget teaming up with mates and making a three course dinner together. I’ll be happy to eat bread and pesto for breakfast every day if that means getting to go out to a restaurant or cooking together with friends every now and then…

And last but not least, it’s fun to spice up the busy assignment-filled life of mine with some spontaneous “Let’s try”-ideas. And this can be anything. Yesterday we chose hair modelling with KC professionals – I can definitely recommend that!

"Afternoon coffee on the roof"

“Afternoon coffee on the roof”

All in all, life of a business student really isn’t that bad. Surely there is the stress over assignments, plenty to learn I admit, but in a supportive, encouraging and most of all fun environment it’s actually quite easy to get out of bed every morning.

And also,

Helsinki is a pretty awesome city I must admit!

Helsinki <3

Helsinki ❤

PS. Do check out ViktorVelinov Photography for some cool photos and updates from a fellow Metropolia student 🙂