What does a grasshopper or a scorpion taste like?

Food, the love of my life. I’m not that keen on cooking it, but eating a variety of exotic foods and drinks oh my. Anthony Bourdain has such a cool job! The most important thing to remember when visiting a new place is that if you want good food -> follow the locals. 90% of the time the food has been amazing, and that 10% (like yam pudding with chili in Malaysia or a Som Tam salad at a what turned out to be a gay bar in Thailand), well it was an experience.

Anyway, when I was younger I was a super fussy eater but now food is such a big part of the whole travelling thing – my all time favourite place being: Singapore.

"I waited in line with the locals for 45min for this. Noodles & Soy Chicken. Delicious" Singapore, 2014

“I waited in line with the locals for 45min for this. Noodles & Soy Chicken. Delicious”
Singapore, 2014

I was in Singapore for only like three days, but in that time I fell in love with the food they had. Anything from the wonderful samosas and curries of Little India to spicy noodle soups on offer in Chinatown, the variety of food there was just out of this world. 5/5.

I was actually lucky once again to meet a local who took me around to the best food places – spicy Laksa soup and fruits at a shopping center food court, BBQ at a garden, and dinner at some tiny family-owned restaurant where no one spoke English but my guide. We were there on the last day of Chinese New Year, the best timing ever.

"I don't know what I ate, but it was amazing" Singapore, 2014

“I don’t know what I ate, but it was amazing”
Singapore, 2014

An old lady served us a traditional New Year salad, literally throwing food around (70% landed on the plate) as she opened little packets of herbs/shredded carrot/nuts/oil/spices etc and recited blessings. Perfect – and so tasty, it sucks I have no idea where the restaurant was, or what it’s called… By the time I realized a photo would be good, we had already started on the mains, seafood & noodles that tasted like pancakes. Weird in a good way.

When travelling in Asia, you will came across insects as well. Not necessarily at the tourist attractions such as in the featured image, but also in normal roadside stalls. I figured I might as well give them a try, I had eaten a couple of scorpions in New Zealand already (accompanied with a shot of vodka though) so this time I chose a grasshopper:

"The perfect snack: a grasshopper" Bangkok, 2014

“The perfect snack: a grasshopper”
Bangkok, 2014

Not too bad actually, it tasted like a fried vendance (small fish). Crunchy, salty, kinda tough to start with. A strong oily taste remained afterwards and actually I quite liked the experience. Would eat it again. 3/5

"Scorpion shots by Flame" New Plymouth, 2014

“Scorpion shots by Flame”
New Plymouth, 2014

Here’s a photo of the scorpion shots.. If you ever stop by at Flame Restaurant in New Plymouth (, do ask if they still have these.

The texture is hmm odd, you get through the chewy cover and then bite into something soft and mushy (first thing in my mind was eating brains or something haha), finished off with the sharp stinger getting stuck between your teeth.. Flavourwise, nothing spectacular. I was quite happy to drink a shot of vodka I gotta admit. Makes a good story though, so do try it if you get a chance!

And if you ever get a chance of travelling from Bangkok to Singapore by train, you can preorder a great meal for around 7€ (expensive in local terms, but for a tasty four course meal being delivered to my table I was more than happy to pay for it). Spicy curry, a soup, rice and some sauce and fruit for dessert. Simple, tasty, made my day. 4/5.

"Thai train dinner" Thailand, 2014

“Thai train dinner”
Thailand, 2014

Good food = good trip.

PS. Just to add, the street food in Sri Lanka was amazing too. Kottu Roti, consisting of shredded bread, chicken and tons of spices. No better comfort food than that after having visited a smoky casino with a Russian man with too much money to spend, a Sri Lankan tea plant owner and a bodyguard/driver. Drugs, money and alcohol – once again, I felt quite out of place.