Posts organized by themes

As I have not been able to figure out how to make the structure of the blog more easy to read, I figured having this page as a referral point for older posts might work. So here’s Travelling, Living abroad, Food, Other & Photography.

1. Travelling

You can fall asleep on a motorcycle – the five things I learned while exploring Europe

The Men. The Rules. The Sea. Whoah. – The Maldives

The not-so-fun times of travelling alone – Bangkok & Singapore

Can I trust a stranger? – story of the Tuk Tuk driver

Dublin, I miss you my darling

2. Living abroad

University life in the UK is Unbelievable

Ten reasons to go on an exchange – you’ve already applied haven’t you?

A second family? – living in a host family for a year

The beach of my dreams – my safe haven

3. Food

What does a grasshopper or a scorpion taste like?

The perfect food day with Streat Helsinki EATS

4. Other

Risk and Reward in Life

Can friendship remain despite distance & time?

The first step in becoming passionate

Student life in Helsinki – “Hell yes”

The beginning of the journey

5. Photography


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