The beginning of the journey

“Vaikka juuret ovat maassa, siiville voit silti nousta”

That quote has always been my favourite, something that resonated with me from the first time I saw it on a post card at my first telemarketing job – I was having trouble selling magazines to people and the quote really cheered me up, made me daydream about travelling.

Unfortunately, that quote is one those things that’s difficult to translate. Even though the roots are on the ground, you can still rise on your wings – sounds kind of silly in English. But even now, almost eight years later, I still remember that quote as one of the things that encouraged me to leave my comfort zone behind, to jump into the unknown, amazing, beautiful world we live in. To try out my wings while knowing there’s always a safe haven to return to.

This blog will be about my travels, a mix of memories portrayed through short stories and photos I’ve taken along the way. Not in a sense that I want to brag about my experiences, but rather to Inspire you to maybe follow a similar path. Leaving your beloved home country behind can sound like a scary, maybe even a pointless experience, but at the same time it’ll easily be the most eye-opening, rewarding and memorable thing you’ll ever do. Whether its a beach holiday for a week, a school exchange for a year, or employment overseas, travelling is one of those things that everyone should get to experience at some stage in their lives.

I hope you enjoy, get inspired, be entertained.


I’d love you to share your experiences as well,

Lots of Love,



5 thoughts on “The beginning of the journey

  1. Nice start to your blog! I tried to translate that using google translate and it said “Although its roots are in the country, the wings you can still get up” not sure if that is at all close to it’s meaning? Haha, i am curious now!


    • hanlaura says:

      Thanks 🙂 It’s something like that, but maybe more along the lines of “Even though the roots are on the ground, you can still rise on your wings” – So the way I interpret it is that I can go off and do my own thing, explore the world, while knowing there is still a place for me to return to. Quotes like that are often quite difficult to translate, I have trouble finding the right words to convey the complex meaning behind it 🙂


      • hanlaura says:

        That is so true. I actually have the quote tattooed on my arm – such a good ice breaker when meeting new people. Everyone has their own unique way of interpreting it, and I find it interesting to hear other people’s thoughts 🙂

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